IAJF Supports Education for Immigrants

Netanya Academic College plays an essential role in the social, economic, and urban development of the city of Netanya and its surrounding areas. It cultivates new leaders in business and in the public sector through an excellent and diverse academic program that is accessible and accommodating. Netanya Academic College has brought the spirit of higher education to the million residents of the Sharon region, including hundreds of thousands of new immigrants to Israel.

At Netanya Academic College the IAJF sponsors academic scholarships for Ethiopian students and other students from immigrant or underprivileged backgrounds. The scholarships offer students of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds the opportunity to transcend cultural and economic barriers, and enter the world of Israeli business, science, arts and politics.

IAJF Vocational Scholarship Fund for Ethiopian Young Adults

Seventy-five percent of Ethiopian Israeli youth are defined as "at risk". Many feel a sense of alienation and have been distanced from their original cultural identity without acquiring a sense of belonging to Israeli society.

The Yemin Orde Educational Initiative established a pre-army leadership program to empower immigrant youth with the skills necessary to excel in their military service and to thrive in their civilian life.

The transition to a life of independence can be very challenging; many of the graduates do not have the financial means or basic educational requirements to pursue higher education.

In order to help these youth successfully integrate into Israel's society, IAJF together with Yemin Orde Educational Initiative launched a unique post-army scholarship fund for vocational and technical studies. The IAJF Vocational Scholarship Fund allows young immigrants to maximize their personal potential, secure careers and build a brighter future.

Purchase of Equipment for a Mobile Science Laboratory

The Carasso Science Museum (CSM) in Beer Sheva utilizes a unique opportunity to blaze a new path for formal and informal education in the Negev. CSM brings science and technology to the schools and communities that for some reason or another cannot make the journey to the museum for a visit nor can partake in the science-based activities.

In cooperation with IAJF, the Carasso Science Museum has created an instrument to revolutionize education in the Negev. Bringing the experience of a mobile science lab to their doorstep will bridge the growing gaps that can be seen between the grade achievements of kids in the Negev and those in central Israel.

IAJF Sponsored Scholarships to Students of Iranian Decent

The Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya is an internationally renowned private institution of higher education, which has changed the face of Israeli academia, blazing a trail in imbuing future leaders with a dual sense of freedom and responsibility to society. IDC's academic partners from around the globe have established a vibrant campus of opportunity that uniquely melds uncompromising academic standards and an emphasis on real-world impact.

IDC Herzliya attracts graduates of elite combat units in the Israel Defense Forces, students who have made a special contribution to the State of Israel, such as athletes, students from underprivileged areas and students from over 80 different countries around the world who develop lifelong friends and become excellent ambassadors to the State of Israel.

With the help of the IAJF, during the 2014-2015 academic year, IDC Herzliya offered much needed financial assistance to 16 talented students of Iranian descent who were chosen not only for their financial needs but also for their excellence and promise.

Members of IDC Faculty and students met with IAJF board members at the beautiful and vibrant campus. A dynamic discussion took place with the students who shared their personal stories, their experience at IDC and their contribution back to the community. The students recognized the opportunities presented to them as a result of IAJF's scholarships.

Prof. Uriel Reichman, President & Founder IDC Herzliya welcoming the IAJF

An Acknowledgment from HIT Student

Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) is an academic institution of higher learning in Holon, Israel. It focuses on teaching Science, Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Instructional Technologies, Design and Technology Management. The IAJF sponsored education and practice scholarships for Iranian students of disadvantageous socio-economic backgrounds at HIT's research programs, helping them acquire research skills, engineering experience and future employment in the Israeli industry.


To: IAJF - Iranian American Jewish Federation of New York

My name is Shlomo Shamsian, 25 years old, I am a second year student in Electrical and Electronics Engineering undergraduate at HIT Holon Institute of Technology.

Both my parents were born in Iran, came to Israel between the ages of 17 and 20, met and married in Israel. I am the eldest brother of 8 brothers and sisters, I served three years in the IDF Intelligence Corps, unit 8200. A year ago, I got married to my beloved.

I would like to express my appreciation and my deepest gratitude for the scholarship. I thank you for the opportunity, this scholarship open the door for me. Thanks to you, I am exposed to technologies and immeasurably knowledge that promote me and give me experience in the RF engineering field.

As part of the scholarship hours I work under Professor Motti Haridim - Vice President of Academic Development at the Faculty of Engineering. I work in SAR laboratory (Specific Absorption Rate), there we measure the radiation emitted from devices and check the percentage of the radiation that absorbed inside the human body. This laboratory provides services to many large organizations such as the IDF, high-tech and more. Beyond that, I participate in scientific conferences and seminars that develop engineering thinking and contribute scientific knowledge.

This scholarship enables me to continue my studies and achieve my goal as Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and for that I bless you. Your generous donation allows me to leverage my abilities, develop and progress in the RF engineering field.

I greatly appreciate your support and your faith in me and I thank you again because I am aware to the importance of your act, the greatness of your contribution and the opportunity you gave me. I am confident that your activity warms the heart and brings a smile and hope to other students who receive your support.

YISHAR KOACH! Continue with your good deeds.

Shlomo Shamsian

IAJF Improves Lives of Students in th City of Ma'alaeh Adumim

The Municipality of Ma'aleh Adumim works tirelessly to improve the learning infrastructure for the 10,000 local students, including students with special needs and from varied socioeconomic backgrounds, enabling the development of teaching methods and innovative teaching techniques. The city continues to work diligently to provide advanced learning environments for all students and therefore invest great efforts in equipping schools in Ma'aleh Adumim with computer laboratories.

Thanks to IAJF, Ma'aleh Adumim has begun to upgrade the technological teaching system. This year IAJF sponsored 34 computers for 2 local schools. Megadim school, a green prize award winner, is a state school which has 495 pupils, teaching 1st to 5th grades, which leads and sets an example in health and hygiene. Mamad Tzemach Hasade which has 393 pupils is a state-religious primary school, teaching 1st to 6th grades with a varied population including Ethiopian students. The school won this year's prize due to the social camaraderie amongst all students.

School principal says: "I would like to thank you for instilling greater value into our school. Each computer is a significant tool in the learning process. IAJF's support enables schools to teach in better standards and helps students to express their cognitive strength and abilities."

IAJF and Tel Aviv University Expand Academic Discovery and Dialogue at
The Alliance Center for Iranian Studies

The Alliance Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University is dedicated to deepening understanding of Iran, Iranian-Jewish history, and the country's emergence as an unprecedented political, theological and cultural power. The Center generates new insights that respond to the pressing global need for knowledge on Iran. Moving beyond media sound bites, Center researchers pursue a more thoughtful and nuanced examination of the country.

The Alliance Center is the largest center for Iranian studies in the Middle East outside Iran, and the first of its kind in Israel. The Center employs a multidisciplinary approach to Iranian studies, drawing from history, political science, sociology, literature, regional studies and other related fields with an emphasis on the modern era. Its affiliated scholars explore issues as diverse as popular culture, political theology and the role of minorities and closely follow Iran's regional politics, strategic goals and international politics.

The continued generosity of the IAJF has enabled Tel Aviv University to provide invaluable support to ten graduate students working for their PhD and MA degrees. This assistance has enabled these students to pursue their studies and research and concentrate strictly on achieving academic success. As such, the IAJF patronage has been most instrumental in the Center's effort to promote the future generations of Iranian scholars in Israel.

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