IAJF Provides Food Packages for Disadvantaged Families

Yad Yehudit was founded in 2002 by Rabbi Israel Ifargan as a supportive network for the needy throughout Israel, especially in marginalized communities in the south and north of the country. Yad Yehudit assists all segments of society including Holocaust survivors, at-risk youth, the elderly, immigrants, the disabled, and the sick with respect, sensitivity, and dignity. With the assistance of dedicated volunteers, Yad Yehudit prepares and distributes 1,500 packages of basic food necessities to needy families every week and 10,000 Rosh Hashanah and Passover packages every year. In addition, they also provide assistance with medications and basic appliances, and emergency assistance to those in urgent need.

The IAJF proudly supports Yad Yehudit's vital work through the distribution of meals to the needy in Netivot.

IAJF Provides Meals to Needy Children

Two in five children in Israel suffer from hunger. The latest report on poverty statistics reveals that there are over 800,000 children in Israel living below the poverty line. Children who are hungry have great difficulty concentrating on their schoolwork and as a result their academic performance suffers. A well-fed child is happier and more alert than a child fighting of hunger pains. Undernourished, a child cannot be expected to live up to his potential.

The Meals for Children program distributes hot nourishing lunches to poverty-stricken children. Since the program was launched, children receiving Meir Panim's hot meals have seen a remarkable improvement in their academic and overall performance.

IAJF has sponsored daily distribution of hot nutritious meals to children enrolled in Meir Panim's afterschool youth clubs. For many of these children this meal is their only hot meal of the day. Thanks to IAJF's support, Meir Panim is able to provide approximately 4,000 meals for needy children, offering them nourishment and hope on a daily basis.

IAJF Improves Housing for Elderly Immigrants and Holocaust Survivors

Amigour, a subsidiary of the Jewish Agency for Israel, provides quality housing to thousands of new immigrants, single parent families and the elderly in Israel. Over 7,500 elderly, live in 57 Amigour shelteredliving homes that offer social and cultural services. Amigour also manages 13,000 subsidized units that are home to 40,000 Israelis. Amigour's residents are Holocaust survivors, native Israelis and immigrants from Ethiopia, South Africa, Europe, and other areas. Today, there are 650,000 Israelis over the age of 65. Approximately 30,000 senior citizens, mostly living at or below poverty have no suitable housing.

IAJF recent contribution enabled 575 elderly to benefit from a wide and rich range of social and cultural activities in five new housing facilities. These facilities were absorption centers which were converted recently as an emergency solution to Israel's growing epidemic of homeless and disadvantaged elderly.

IAJF's support helps Amigour to provide immediate housing solutions to many elderly who have no viable housing options. Residents enjoy independent living in their own apartment within a tight-knit community. Each facility has a professional staff including a social worker, house mother, social coordinator and director. Comprehensive security arrangements protect the elderly population with public address systems, emergency call buttons, smoke detectors, sprinkles and emergency shelters. In addition to meeting the physical needs of this special population, Amigour provides a wide variety of social and cultural services that enhance the quality of life of its residents.

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