IAJF Board and community members visited a number of IAJF's recipient organizations during the 2017 year to view firsthand IAJF's impact. Each of these visits was meaningful and moving, as can be seen from the impressions they shared afterward.

April 5th Visit to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem

Touring the new Sarah Westman Davidson Tower and underground operating rooms; meeting with Hadassah Director, trauma care expert Prof. Yoram Weiss.

"Hadassah Medical Center was established over one hundred years ago with the mission to extend a hand to all, without regard for race, religion or ethnic origin. We are proud to be a partner with this fine institution that provides the most modern medical care not only to the people of Israel but also to those who travel there for advanced care in hope of a cure."
~ Shahram Yaghoubzadeh

(left to right) Shahram Yaghoubzadeh, Faranak Amirsaleh, Yvette Yaghoubzadeh, Mahyar Amirsaleh, Brig. Gen. (Res.) Eliezer Hemeli, and Lin Meir-Drori at the underground operating rooms.

April 12th Visit to Amigour Sheltered Housing in Kfar Saba

Viewing recently completed rent-subsidized residential units that are home to 143 elderly people; meeting Holocaust survivors and immigrants; performance of the in-house senior choir; unveiling a plaque recognizing the IAJF's support.

"It was so wonderful to see these seniors spending the rest of their lives living together as a family."
~ Hercel Harounian

(left to right): Fred Ohebshalom, Shahram Yaghoubzadeh and Hercel Harounian with Amigour senior choir

July 2nd Visit to Yemin Orde Youth Village in Northern Israel

Meeting with staff and graduates of the Young Men's Mechina, a gap-year program for disadvantaged immigrant youth; meeting recipients of IAJF vocational scholarship program who are Mechina graduates who have completed their military service.

"It was so heart-warming to see an organization taking these young guys who do not have supportive families, under their umbrella, giving them guidance, and teaching them some skills and profession in their vocational school, to make them productive and successful members of society. They deserve full support."
~ Frank Lalezarian

(left to right) Yemin Orde student, Director of the Mechina Eyal Eldar, Hersel and Farnaz Torkian, Alex and Mina Peykar, Lin Meir, Frank and Flora Lalezarian at the Yemin Orde godjo, a traditional Ethiopian hut

July 2nd Visit to TeLem at Kibbutz Maagan Michael

Touring Plasson, the kibbutz's plastics factory employing Telem graduates; meeting Telem staff and recipients of IAJF vocational scholarship program who spoke about their achievements and the possibilities ahead of them due to IAJF support.

"Over 1,000 graduates who received these lifesaving skills already succeeded in developing a career and leading a more productive life."
~ Hersel Torkian

Alex and Mina Peykar, Hersel and Farnaz Torkian, Frank and Flora Lalezarian, Lin Meir and TeLem graduate and staff at Plasson Factory

July 13th Visit to Aleh Negev-Nahalat Eran Rehabilitation Village in Southern Israel

Touring the multifaceted facility providing a home and a safe environment to children and young adults with severe disabilities; visiting the new clinic sponsored by IAJF.

"Aleh Negev is thoughtfully designed to cater to [residents'] needs and strengthen their physical and cognitive abilities. It is the only place of its kind and serves as a model for hope around the world. It's such a happy place and really makes me believe we all have the ability to change the world for the better."
~ Mina Yaghoubzadeh

IAJF Young Leadership member Mina Yaghoubzadeh by IAJF plaque at Aleh Negev

July 28th Visit to Sunrise Day Camp on Long Island

Participating in Volunteer Day; touring camp facilities; meeting staff and volunteers who contribute daily to bettering the lives of children with cancer and their families, free of charge.

"It was a sad, rewarding, and moving experience. I was glad to see that through people's and organizations' generosity, these kids have some normality in their lives and in the life of their siblings. It makes me proud that IAJF has decided to support this worthy cause."
~ Ben Moosazadeh

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