IAJF Helps Save Lives

IAJF is proud to partner with United Hatzalah, the only emergency first response program in Israel that is completely volunteer-run and free-of-charge. United Hatzalah responds to over 900 emergency calls daily and has improved victim outcomes by getting first responders to the scene of an emergency three times faster than a traditional ambulance.

IAJF has sponsored life-saving United Hatzalah ambubikes, which are specially equipped electric bikes designed with enhanced capacity for mobility. United Hatzalah's volunteers can now respond rapidly and nimbly to anyone in need of medical assistance, even in hard-to-access locations.

Sponsorship of an Ambulance for ZAKA's First Responders

ZAKA is the nerve center for disaster response in Israel and the country's leading humanitarian authority abroad. As Israel's first responder, ZAKA has a cadre of 3,200 volunteers throughout the country and is always the first on scene and the last to leave. ZAKA is the only Israeli organization that can treat all forms of mass disaster via its comprehensive array of emergency service provision and 10 specialized units. Internationally, its specialist teams, which include medical, forensic, and rescue and recovery units, have become symbols of hope, as ZAKA has been present at every disaster scene in Israel and abroad.

The IAJF sponsored a ZAKA ambulance that functions as a Mobile Casualty Unit. This affords ZAKA rescue personnel with convenient access to a broad array of emergency medical, rescue, and recovery equipment for effective disaster scene management and coordination. This ambulance has enabled ZAKA to save lives, responding to 520 medical emergencies, 85 rescue and 600 recovery incidents requiring ZAKA's paramedic, search, and rescue and recovery services.

Purchase of Life-Saving Equipment

In our modern world cutting-edge technology is key to improving medical diagnosis, care, and outcomes. Access to new technologies and life-saving equipment are vital to any hospital trying to improve patient care.

In order to better provide for the health and well-being of the patients and physicians at Rambam Hospital, IAJF has sponsored life-saving equipment, including a defibrillator, blood pressure monitor, and vital sign monitor. IAJF's goal is to support the development and use of the most advanced scientific resources for diagnosis, treatment and research. The medical challenges are great, but thanks in part to IAJF, Rambam Hospital can continue to adopt and develop new technologies for better patient care.

Cultural and Therapeutic Activities for Pediatric Patients at Sheba Hospital

Children struggling with diseases and other medical challenges have to cope with great obstacles, be they physical, emotional, environmental or mental. On top of these challenges, these innocent children spend a large portion of their time coping with hospitalizations.

Notnim Tikva (Giving Hope) Fund is dedicated to boosting the spirit of all sick children hospitalized in Sheba Tel-HaShomer hospital. With the knowledge that music is uplifting and loved by all, Notnim Tikva built the first music center of its kind at the Sheba children's wing, including a recording studio, television studio, video library, multimedia room, music instruments, sound system and more. Determined to inject these children with hope instead of fear, Notnim Tikva's center brings in famous Israeli singers and musicians on a regular basis. Working hand in hand with the doctors, physicians and hospital staff, professional music therapists, music teachers and sound men accompany the children through their hospital journey.

IAJF's assistance helped develop projects that contribute to these children's happiness, strength and emotional well-being.

Hadassah Medical Center has been a leader in medicine and nursing in Israel, setting a standard of excellence through healing, teaching, outreach and research. Every year, Hadassah provides nearly one million people with hospital services. The combined skills of over five thousand health care professionals bring health and hope to the people in the region and beyond.

The IAJF sponsored the physical occupational therapy room, treating IDF soldiers and patients of all ages, at the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower. The IAJF also supported HIBM research (Hereditary Inclusion Body Myopathy), a currently incurable disease that particularly affects Jews of Persian origin. The disease causes progressive muscle degeneration, which eventually leads to disability or paralysis. Prof. Zohar Argov and Prof. Stella Mitrani-Rosenbaum, have been at the forefront of identifying the genetic causes, investigating the mechanism of the disease and searching for a cure.

Members of the IAJF board visited the magnificent new 19-story Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. Hospital Director Professor Yoram Weiss and renowned physicians welcomed the IAJF as a Guardians of the Dream sponsor. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the IAJF's Orthopedics Department rehabilitation room, dedicated to the IDF. Representatives also toured the hospital's five-floor, high tech underground Emergency Preparedness hospital, which was designated by the Israeli government as a "safe site in times of war". It can house the entire hospital and is impermeable to biological and chemical weapons.

SAVING A LIFE! In an emotional part of the visit, the group met Dvir, a thin young man in his twenties with a limp and a cane. When he was 12 years old and on a school field trip, he was out picking blueberries and stepped on a land mine that had been planted right next to his school bus by terrorists. He was gravely wounded and was sent immediately to Hadassah where he battled for his life. He needed reparative surgery on his legs and groin. Dvir acknowledged the remarkable care he received at Hadassah, which lasted years and included over 20 reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation. He credited Hadassah's compassionate and caring doctors and nurses for his treatment. His chief surgeon was asked to preside at his wedding.

I Am Alive Because Of You...

In an emotional encounter, Mira Chen (47) an Israeli stem cell donor from Haifa of Iranian descent and Dr. Joseph Morad (56) a Jewish Iranian physician from New York whose life was saved by her bone marrow donation met for the first time.

Dr. Morad, a father of five, has been fighting for his life for the last ten years since he was first struck by cancer. Morad's doctors searched desperately in all existing bone marrow registries for a matching bone marrow donor, but a matching donor was not found. They almost gave up hope. Mira Chen's decision to join the Ezer Mizion Bone Marrow donor pool during the stem cell donor recruitment drive in 2007 gave Dr. Joseph Morad the precious gift of life.

About two months after Chen joined the registry, Morad received the news that an appropriate donor with the long awaited genetic match had been found in the Ezer Mizion registry. The bone marrow transplant took place in New York where Morad was hospitalized. His life was saved.

Morad thanked Chen with deep emotion for her donation that saved his life: "The world exists in the merit of people like you. If not for you, I wouldn't be here today. I'm so happy, and I cannot thank you enough for saving my life and for giving me the privilege to go on and to be here for my family."

Mira Chen: "My father died of cancer in the blood twelve years ago. Now I feel as if I've closed a circle. We couldn't save my father, but with my bone marrow I was able to save Joseph. I call upon everyone to come forward and donate bone marrow. It's a simple procedure that saves life."

Many of these recipients are young people who will marry and raise a family. Their children will in turn mature and produce the next generation…and then another...and another ...till eternity. IAJF is truly proud to have given the gift that 'keeps on giving'.

IAJF Supports Jewish Registry to Analyze and Match Donor's Blood for Cancer Patients
In 1998 Ezer Mizion established a Bone Marrow Donor Registry (BMDR). Their aim is to assist patients who are waging an uncompromising life and death struggle with about 100 different illnesses including many types of cancer and numerous genetic diseases for which bone marrow transplants are used as therapy. Approximately one in every ten cancer patients will need a bone marrow transplant.

Ezer Mizion's current goal is to enlarge its Bone Marrow Donor Registry through bone marrow donor recruitment drives. This will enable Ezer Mizion to provide for the vast majority of Jewish patients throughout the world who need a bone marrow transplant, which for them is the only hope of a cure.

Because patients and donors must share common inherited genetic factors, the chances of finding a matching non-related bone marrow donor are slim at best. The likelihood for a match increases significantly if the patient and potential donor share the same ethnic background. This means that Jews are the most suitable bone marrow donors for Jewish cancer patients.

The Jewish people, as a unique ethnic group, are thus an underrepresented minority in international bone marrow donor databanks. This bitter fact has caused untold anguish for Jewish families who could not locate an unrelated donor for their loved one in the International Donor Pool.

For many years the IAJF has been in the forefront of the battle waged by Ezer Mizion's International Bone Marrow Registry to save Jewish lives. For numerous cancer patients, the only chance to live is a bone marrow transplant. Ezer Mizion is the largest Jewish registry in the world with registrants of varied Jewish descents including Iranians, Russians, Europeans, and South Africans. Genetic testing is expensive and unaffordable for most. The IAJF gifts have helped to enlarge the registry in order to increase the chances of a Jewish patient of any group in finding their match.

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