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COVID-19 Emergency Response

The Coronavirus crisis has impacted the vulnerable as well as the secure.  At IAJF we made it our mission to reduce the burdens on the community.  We immediately expanded our local emergency assistance by launching the IAJF COVID-19 Emergency Response, which has brought tangible and measurable relief to thousands of community members in the form of meals, groceries, masks, and access to information and resources.  Through our Tikvah Program, community members also received help with financial, legal, and housing issues, as well as access to counseling.  In addition, as part of its support for the community, IAJF hosted virtual events, providing interesting and informative programming to bring the community together.  IAJF also supported Israeli-based organizations as part of the COVID-19 emergency response in Israel.  

Learn more about the impact of your support in 2020.

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About IAJF

Learn more about the ways IAJF has provided, and continues to provide, support to members of the community.

Behind each organization and program sponsored during the pandemic, there are real stories and real people, of all ages and backgrounds.

IAJF hosted interesting and informative virtual programming virtual to bring the community together.

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 IAJF-YL offered fun and educational virtual programming while we couldn’t meet in person.

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