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IAJF celebrates the accomplishments of the Iranian Jewish community and invests its resources to support communities in need, cultivate future leaders, and safeguard Zionist ideals. IAJF fulfills its mission through the following strategies: 

  • Serving as an influential voice representing the Iranian American Jewish community in the United States and Israel

  • Supporting educational, social, and medical programs, amongst many others, that empower the people of Israel

  • Providing assistance to communities in need

  • Promoting unity and Zionist values while educating our community about Israel and its right to security and sovereignty

  • Instilling Jewish values in our youth, while cultivating a sense of pride in their Jewish culture and heritage

  • Developing and implementing exclusive, dynamic and engaging programs that empower the new generation of leaders to lead in education, public affairs, philanthropy, and business.

About IAJF
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